Peel Paddling Carnival




 Focusing on Fun paddling -- the Peel Paddling Carnival promoted a wide range of paddling activities available in the waterways of the Peel Region

As there is now an established diversity of paddling groups and enterprises with in the Peel Region, it was felt that the Peel Region Carnival had achieved its aim
We thank all involved in our journey from the original 2006 Peel Region Canoe Week (196 participants) which transitioned over the eleven years into the Peel Paddling Carnival finishing in 2016 (628 participants)
The Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah and Pinjarra are pleased to announce that in February 2017 we became a project of Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group Inc. and will continue to promote paddling
September 2018 - as paddlers were involved in establishing the Friends of Samphire Cove and still are involved with the group -we are asking facebook to change the name of the paddling carnival's community facebook page to Friends of Samphire Cove


     We thank our hosts & sponsors our success was due to them

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