Peel Paddling Carnival



We thank all involved over the last eleven years and advise that the Peel Paddling Carnival has now been absorbed

into the Peel Region Outdoors October -  please  see contact details below 

Fun paddling events!

Wide range of events are on offer to new and experienced paddlers- as photos and programmes show

You choose!

From Come"N" Trys, Social, Challenge, Eco, Sea,Whitewater and more on - Estuaries,Rivers and Sea  

Who provides events!

Paddling clubs and businesses host events which are mostly free (check out this sites host page) 


Mandurah,Dwellingup,Pinjarra - Peel Region - "Paddling Capital of Western Australia"     

When did Carnival begin: 

Began in 2006 - originally as Peel Region Canoe Week and is part of the annual paddling calendar 


To promote the diverse waterways of the Peel Region and paddling activities in general

Who puts it together?

The events are coordinated by the Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah and Pinjarra 


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